Megan here. Not the developer. We’ve been absent from the blog for a little while now, but, we’re nearly there. One more big push and we’ll be at the full release of Insert Meal Here. All your recipes, all in one place. And they all are funneled in to your plan and shopping list.

The biggest recent changes have been design and the restrictive diet features. Gone is the Web 1.0 design of a developer. Now the app features the look and feel of a chalkboard, thanks to the hard work of the team at Lubiens Design. These guys really know their stuff. They listen hard and work harder to create an end product that meets the goals of good design: a happy client with a functional, rich piece of art to apply to their needs.

Besides design, we’ve also added a feature that will help you stick to your diet. Avoiding carbs? {IMH} will now tell you a recipe may not fit with your goals.

Though full release is just around the corner, we have more plans for the future, with more features, and with features becoming richer.

Go out there and #conquerdinner!