The Meal Planning Board saw some great big changes this morning with the addition of a new feature: menus. We all have favorite dishes (say this Almond, Hazelnut, and Sesame Crusted Chicken) that we may serve with different sides at different times (we’ve had it with my Grape Salad, some simple sauteed green beans, or a classic side green salad as an example). These custom menus put you in the driver seat and let you build a meal based on your favorite recipes.

Screenshot Menu Sample

Sample menu from recipes in our collection.


Screenshot Menu Drag

Building a menu with the drag and drop interface. Menus are the first feature to get this treatment.

As if menus weren’t exciting enough, the addition of this feature introduces a drag and drop interface in to the app. Here’s the drag and drop in action, with the Almond, Hazelnut, and Sesame Crusted Chicken serving as the first test subject into a menu. Just drag the recipe to the menu space, and it’s there.

Screenshot Menu List

Saved menus are available for future use, just like recipes.

Save the menu, and add it to your plan. Once the menu is saved, it’s there forever and can be added again and again. ¬†You can also edit the name of the Menu (I changed it to “‘Fried’ Chicken and Carrots,”). The menu appears on the plan on the date you select.

This is the last big feature before moving to the Beta test. There’s still a few smaller bits to tidy up before moving to the Beta test. In addition, there’s a couple more features to go during Beta (namely, Meal Wizards). All this means we’re still on schedule for the Beta release later this month (for which we need more testers – request your invitation here), and the full release of the Meal Planning Board in May.

Go out there and #conquerdinner.