Creamy Spinach Sandwich with egg, bacon, and Gorgonzola

The Story (or skip ahead to the recipe)

Sometimes, you get inspired by the ingredients for one recipe and end up wanting to make something completely different. This list These ingredients:
  • spinach
  • cream
  • Gorgonzola
  • Italian bread
  • flour
  • butter
  • eggs
  • nutmeg
is make upthe basis for a delicious spinach dumpling. They’re tender, and the recipe makes a crap-ton of the things – enough for our family to have a couple of meals.
They’re time consuming and labor intensive, as are just about any dumpling. And even more so when small children are involved. Standing over a giant post of boiling water while the dumplings cook, fishing them out, and repeating the process several times is just not fun. Add in summer heat, and, well, dumplings just aren’t always my idea of fun (though they are always delicious).

A couple of years ago, we had planned on making these dumplings for dinner in a week when plans had changed several times. This was on our plan for yesterday, but, well, let’s just say that plans changed a few times this week. So, the dumplings were pushed to tonight. Frankly, we had had a rather long week with several medical issues as well as family visiting and neither Sam nor myself were interested in preparing dumplings. Instead, I changed this up a little bit: added some bacon, and turned the whole thing in to sandwiches. I’ll leave a recipe below with the warning that this hasn’t been tested, though I see no reason why it wouldn’t work. Updates to come later.

Update July 2018:

Wow! Have we really been making this one for two years? I guess we have.

This recipe quickly became a family favorite. We make it again and again, with several variations. We do this both with and without bacon. Sometimes the bacon is strips. Sometimes it’s been chopped into bits. We’ve added ham, chicken,  and even left-over ground pork from a previous night. We’ve done with without the Gorgonzola. We’ve melted the Gorgonzola into the spinach, put it on top of the sandwich, and served it on the side. We’ve used cheddar cheese and/or Parmesan cheese instead of the Gorgonzola. We’ve omitted nutmeg and used paprika. My point? This is incredibly flexible and delicious.

Substitutions and Omissions

When considering substitutions and omissions, consider salt content and adjust as necessary. This can easily be vegetarian by not adding bacon (yeah, I may joke about it, but, bacon isn’t actually a vegetable). The sandwich is incredibly forgiving (as you can see above). I’m not going to offer dairy free suggestions because, well, dairy is somewhat integral to the sandwich.

To avoid gluten, I highly encourage serving open-face stacked on top of polenta, qunioa, or rice. You certainly could use your favorite gluten-free bread, however, I’m flat-out not a fan of forcing something (gluten free bread) into something it’s just not (baguette or Italian loaf bread).

And, if you have to avoid egg, it’s super easy to omit the egg.

More Uses

The creamy spinach can go in just about anything. We added it to omelets, have stirred it into pasta, topped polenta with it, and just eaten with a spoon.

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