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Olive Oil Chickpea Chocolate Cake

Olive Oil Chickpea Chocolate Cake

Once upon a time, I had a craving for a coffee cake. I wanted something cake like, I wanted it to be olive oil based, and I didn't want it to be too sweet. I scoured the internet and my cookbook collection and found something suitable only to discover we were nearly...

Spinach and Gorgonzola Sandwiches

Spinach and Gorgonzola Sandwiches

The Story (or skip ahead to the recipe) Sometimes, you get inspired by the ingredients for one recipe and end up wanting to make something completely different. This list These ingredients: spinach cream Gorgonzola Italian bread flour butter eggs nutmeg is make upthe...

Yogurt Curry Sauce

The Development (Or skip ahead to the recipe). Many years ago, I had a dipping sauce that was yogurt based with an Indian curry added. It was served to me, likely with chicken, and I wanted to ignore the rest of the meal and eat the sauce. Clearly, this needed to...


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