What’s in a note? A reminder for the next time? A request from someone else? Small breadcrumbs left behind to be found and taken advantage of later.

Something crucial to recipe writing and development. Something the {IMH} digital meal planning board has a built-in solution for.

Recipe writing can be a long, difficult process. Adjust the chocolate in a recipe just a bit, and you end up with something fudgy and wonderful or a dry mess. Or perhaps your favorite flour substitute simply doesn’t work with the specific mix of ingredients in a particular recipe. No more forgetting! Keep track of your recipe use and development by adding and editing notes to the items in your collection.

Adding or editing a note to a recipe in your digital meal planning board is simple. Just Click on “Add Note,” at the top of any recipe, make your notes, and click “Save.” The note appears at the bottom of the recipe, as in the image above. When you come back to the recipe later, edit the not by clicking the check mark right by the note. Keep your old notes and add to them or remove irrelevant information.

add notenote

It’s your recipe. Keep it customized to you.

Now get out there and #conquerdinner!