meal plan monday 110915It’s not yet midnight here in Portland, Oregon, which means it’s still #MealPlanMonday. This week, as we do most weeks, we’re focusing on turning dinners into leftovers and getting the most bang for our buck. Since breakfast, lunch, and snacks are all recurring items or staples (eggs, oatmeal, leftovers, etc), I didn’t add anything to the plan specific for them. So, here’s our week of dinner:

We’ll hold Saturday in reserve and see just how those leftovers have fared before putting anything specific on our meal plan. Since we usually go shopping on Saturday, we plan that meal on Saturday.

*Side note: if you follow us on Facebook, you’ll see that we ended up having the Carrot Soup on Monday instead of on Sunday. We ended up having pancakes for dinner on Sunday, and pushed the rest of the meal plan back a day. Sometimes life happens. I’ve already gone through and updated our plan for the week by pushing everything back, but, I did this after I had taken screenshots of our plan to share.

Do you plan your meals as much as we do? Are you still using pen and paper?