I work a stressful day job: I’m an accountant with a specialty in small business taxes as well as state and local tax. And, yes, this does mean I tend to disappear during tax season. We’re still here, meal planning away. And sometimes, I even manage to share something over on Instagram. But, about mid-February through the end of April, life tends to get more stressful than what we can reasonably manage while also sharing regularly. This was a major reason we wrote the meal planning software; it saves me at work.

How, though?

When we’re most under the gun, we always know what we’re eating. My husband (aka the {IMH} developer) never has to guess what he’s going to cook. And, we can even try something new sometimes, even in the thick of tax season. When our oldest asks for something specific, we can add to the plan, right then an there, either on a phone or a computer. And we can schedule it out weeks in advance (yes, this happens, especially when we already have a plan for that week).

I also have a shopping list ready to go when I go to the grocery store. And, as long as I don’t buy yet another bag of lettuce, if I do over-buy, the food will probably last an extra week.

Do you do anything personally or professionally that’s not related to your career and saves you at work?