Cook Like You

We cook like us, which is why our blog also shows substitutions, additions, ommissions, and other changes so you can cook like you.

Jalapenos in Fish Sauce

Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that really just make things better. Years ago, we lived next door to a gentleman who taught us to finely slice or chop jalapenos and put them in fish sauce. The jalapenos can be pulled out and put on top of food to spice it...

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Updates: Menus and Drag and Drop Interface

The Meal Planning Board saw some great big changes this morning with the addition of a new feature: menus. We all have favorite dishes (say this Almond, Hazelnut, and Sesame Crusted Chicken) that we may serve with different sides at different times (we've had it with...

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About The Meal Planning Board

Here's the spiel all about the Meal Planning Board. No fancy words or programmer notes or excitement. Just the words I, the accountant, use when I tell friends, family, and strangers about the app. That, right there, is probably the best place to start. The app. The...

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Oatmeal and Eggs and Cranberries

Oatmeal. It's almost an onomatopoeia: a word that sounds like what it is. Thick, and often the texture of paste, this is a dish that I think has received a bad reputation as a result of less than stellar preparation. Starting from scratch immediately improves the...

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{Insert Meal Here} Meal Planning Board Origins

The {Insert Meal Here} Meal Planning Board was conceived around midnight in the middle of June 2014.  I was up late, and had been looking for a better solution to keep track of the week's meal plan than an old white board hung on the kitchen wall.  It worked, but...

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Turkey and Eggs and Cheese

Who isn't flooded with turkey after Thanksgiving? What do you do with all that turkey? Sure, there's turkey sandwiches, and turkey pot pie, turkey soup (which also becomes turkey pot pie, which, technically, is a leftover of a leftover), and turkey salad. What do you...

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Digital Meal Planning

Ready to join the Digital Meal Planning revolution? Access all of your recipes, your plan, and your shopping list from any modern device with an internet connection


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