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We cook like us, which is why our blog also shows substitutions, additions, ommissions, and other changes so you can cook like you.

Meal Plan Monday 11.09.15

It's not yet midnight here in Portland, Oregon, which means it's still #MealPlanMonday. This week, as we do most weeks, we're focusing on turning dinners into leftovers and getting the most bang for our buck. Since breakfast, lunch, and snacks are all recurring items...

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Meal Planning on Vacation

Vacation brings about several logistical and planning stress points. With more and more people sticking to a specific diet or meal plan, we thought we'd start taking that stress away. Recently, we teamed up with Guest One, a short-term rental service based in...

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Fennel Stuffed Mushrooms

Saying farewell to one season and welcoming another always brings changes to more than clothes and activities. In our house especially, food leads the changing of the seasons. Labor Day brought with it cooler temperatures in Portland, along with a bit of rain. Perfect...

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Balsamic Orange Roasted Fennel

There's a bit of magic that happens when vinegar and sugar meet with heat and are allowed to glaze over. Thick syrupy goodness drizzles into every crevice of the food, and a light crust even forms on the outside. The interplay of sour and sweet and the different...

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The Shopping List

A well-designed meal plan can keep you organized and keep you on track for any meal-related goals you may have. But, when you head to the grocery store, you have t know what to buy, and how much, in order to successfully implement your plan. Enter the Shopping List....

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Digital Meal Planning

Ready to join the Digital Meal Planning revolution? Access all of your recipes, your plan, and your shopping list from any modern device with an internet connection


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