About Us

After years of trial and error with paper and digital meal planning, we developed a program from the ground up to do all the heavy work for you when it comes to choosing what to eat, when to eat it, and what you need to buy to make it all happen.

The digital meal planning board

Save your recipes. Build a plan. #ConquerDinner

Add your favorite recipes, plan your meals, and build shopping lists from any modern browser with an internet connection.

Regular reviews and original recipes. No muss. No fuss. No sponsored content. No advertisments. That’s our promise to you.


Real Cooks

We’re a family of five. No professional chefs. No kitchen training. Just a love of good food and a healthy dose of curisoity.


Ingredient Substitutions

We know not everyone can eat everything, and that you don’t always have everything in the cupoard. Our recipes are built with the need to substitute in mind (though sometimes, that’s just not possible).


Real Images

99% of our images are taken right before we serve whatever we’ve made – no fancy food styling and minimal photo ediing.



Our promise to you is to always show exactly what’s been served (or what was used to cook/assemble). Everything we cook is straight from us to you.

The Meal Planners

Our meal planning journey started long before Sam and Megan knew each other, when Megan used diet and meal planning to bring some health issues under control while also keeping her wallet happy. Sam jumped on board, and, as the family grew and their meal planning needs changed, put his Python skills to use to create the {Insert Meal Here} Digital Meal Planning Board. As a family of five, we use the program we built on a regular (daily) basis. We get the kids involved as much as we can. Some of our recipes have even been developed by our oldest. We strive to develop simple, clear recipes that can be re-created by anyone.

Megan - Meal Planner, Recipe Developer

Sam - Software Engineer, Meal Planner, Recipe Developer

The Kids - Bran, Liam, and Aoife


We love sharing our latest and all of our favorites we find from others.


It’s our kitchen, as it happens. Cooking. Recipe development. Kids. Us.


Yeah, we do our research here, too. We also share our favorite tips as infographics.